Tish Diaz
piano , keyboards , vocals

Tish Diaz

  • Musician
  • Pianist
  • Keyboard Player
  • Background Vocals
  • Arranger

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Slow Dance - based on the poem “Slow Dance”,
by David L. Weatherford, music by Tish Diaz
Vocals - Brandon Singleton
Sax - Eric Tewalt
Violin - John Arnold
Keyboards and string arrangement - Tish Diaz
Bass - Keith Nelson
Drums - Mark Pardy
Percussion - Michito Sanchez
Engineer - John Jacobson
Recorded at CSN Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada

Cover art by www.priscilladanielsart.com

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"Despite suffering pain from a still-unhealed hip injury, Meat stalks the stage and its two walkways into the audience like a relentless animal after its prey. He’s backed up by two of the sexiest and sizzling blonde-bombshell singers who are equals to his amazing voice. In Meat’s duets with them, they become one furious and fierce unit. I also loved his lady piano player, who controls the black and whites as if a magician. His band is one of the tightest and most exuberant groups of musicians seen and heard on the Strip in the past decade." ~ Robin Leach